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Sunday, September 4, 2011

korea lagi~~~

Assalamualaikum peeps...
baca jelah..

to those yg kenal aku
korea-holic bak kate zaim..
ni something new larh~~~

B2ST Dong Woon
(xtw tulis ape)

proud lah ngn kaw..91 line mmg tulisan cmtik gini an~~~
sama lah kite



Bang Cheolyong (aka Mir)..... 2010.10.25 13:32
To: Seungho hyung

Hyung, hello..

I am MBLAQ's cute maknae, Mir.

Lately hyung doesn't look too well, my heart feels uneasy the whole time, I hope you will get better soon..

Because I'm sick, I have to go home... But I'm safe now..

The fire of my iPhone life is slowly dimming..

My iPhone... ㅠㅠ Hyung you're sad too, right?

But please don't worry.. As long as I steal one of your chargers away, the problem is solved

Ho Ho... So don't be sad now...

So I'll be taking your charger away...

 *T/N: Translation may contain inaccuracies due to Mir's unclear handwriting.

Seungho Replied
몸이 아파 형이 걱정이구나.. 

그래도 디지털 시대에 이리 편지를..^^ 

문자로 해도 빌려줄께 ... ㅎㅎ

So you're worried about hyung who isn't feeling well..

We're already in the digital generation but you're still writing letters like this.. ^^

I'll lend it to you even through text message ... he he

*credit to Daily Kpop News

FT island Lee Hongki

"2011 already^^ In 2010,give many thankfull to all of you~ From now, both of us, lets do harder together!!i love you^^"
FT Hongki

*credit to len ssh g jump dorg ambik autograft...
aku senang je an~~
lepak dpn laptoba pon leh 
merasa cm dorg yg jmp retiss2 di atas..

thx 4 reading

c u nxt time~~

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